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Vaping Etiquette For Newbies: Dos and Don’ts of Vaping


There are many people who vape for various reasons. Some do it to get out of their smoking habits, some do it to cope with the nicotine cravings and there are others who simply do it for the fun and experience. Like every other addictive habits or interest, vaping should also be pursued with caution as there are many among the crowd who do not find it amusing. Here are the etiquettes you need to follow for while enjoying the best vapor experience .

Not doing it in public Vaping is mostly done as a discrete activity. Just like a cigarette, vaping is now confined to smoking zones while in public or in the comfort of one’s own home. As there are many who consider vaping equivalent to tobacco smoking, the general thumb rule is to refrain from using it in public even if vaping is not specifically prohibited in a place.

Not doing it around non-vapers, and non-smokers It is your personal responsibility and etiquette to avoid vaping when you are surrounded by non-vapers and non-smokers. As in the case of public smoking, people would not appreciate your interests as it comes with a lot of doubts and social taboos. It is always better to ask for permission to vape even you are in a private place with a non-vaper.

Not blowing vapor on anyone’s face Blowing clouds of vapor onto someone’s face, even if the individual isn’t against the act isn’t a good thing to do. People take their personal space very seriously and your actions could breach that. So, make sure not to assault anyone with your vapor as you exhale out.

Not being sneaky This is another one of the basing vaping etiquettes you must stick to. Do not sneak off to bathrooms in public or in a private place for that matter to do your vaping. Remember that even with your stealth mode one, the vapor left behind will make the place smell of the smoke, which can cause discomfort to others. Going back to the first thumb rule, it is always better to refrain from vaping in places where it is not allowed.

Do your device maintenance at home Maintaining your mod in someone else’s sofa or car seat could end up ruining their properties. If you in urgent need of repair, ask to use a bathroom or utility sink to do the deed. Try your best to not spill any e-juice and even if you do, it is advised to clean after yourself. Not evangelizing your peers If your friends are curious about your mod or vaping habits, you can share your knowledge, just enough to satisfy their need to know. Never go preaching to a non-vaper or a non-smoker about the experience and how much nicotine you consume or don’t. Refrain from being an encouraging factor behind someone else’s habits.

Not using someone else’s device without consent This might come as a surprise, especially if you are in the company of your friends who vape. But at the end of the day, each person has their own views about their personal devices and using them without consent is just not right. Most people are willing to share their mode for letting you try a different flavor or a different device. The important thing to remember is to ask them nicely.

So, follow these simple rules of vaping etiquette when you are in public or with friends. Take great care in respecting other people’s personal space and refrain from actions that could cause them discomfort. Find more on vaping devices and techniques from online vapor stores in SAUDI.




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