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The Vaper’s Code – Choose Your Technique

Vaping technique

If you are new to vaping, you will most certainly have many doubts regarding the proper way to do it. What many of you don’t realize is that the way you vape can greatly affect your experience doing it. So a little knowledge on the front will surely help you have the best vaping experience .

There are mainly two techniques to do vaping – Mouth To Lung (MLT) and Direct Lung (DL). Each of these techniques produces different results on your body as well as giving you varied experiences. For easy understanding, we can say that MTL is very much similar to smoking cigarette while DL is quite similar to taking a drag from a shisha pipe or bong.


Though others factors like battery strength and airflow can also affect your vaping experience, it’s mostly dependent on the way the user interacts with the kit. Doing the MTL way Mouth to Lung technique is an easier method of vaping. Here you just take the vapor into your mouth first and inhale it into the lungs. You should take a long draw to fill your mouth with the vapor and then inhale all the way in, letting the vapor reach your lungs. People how to have experience with smoking will easily adapt to this method as it is very similar to cigarette smoking.

MTL will give you a subtle sensation when compared to direct to lung hit. The vapor also remains in the mouth for longer, letting you savor the flavor better. As this is very similar to cigarette smoking, this method can be easily adapted by anyone who is looking to quit smoking. It is best to use a device with high resistance and low battery strength and a narrow drip tip when doing MTL. This ensures optimum nicotine intake and the best vaping experience to beginners while keeping the device cooler. Due to the slow inhalation, the e-liquid vapourises slower, the juice will not be consumed very fast. And so we can say that MTL vaping is more economical compared to cigarette smoking.

On the other hand, some of you may find it less intense and less satisfying compared to a direct lung inhale. DL for the adventurous A direct lung inhale is all about taking the vapor directly into the lungs, which is very much like breathing. In this technique, the dense vapor will quickly fill your lungs, just like when you use a shisha pipe.


As DL is taking the vapor directly to the lungs, it gives a more intense hit than MTL. If you are new to vaping, this method might overwhelm you as the throat hit will be very intense. Dl is best done by heating the e-liquid at higher temperatures and so it is important to do the draw quickly to avoid a hot vape. You can also produce thick clouds of vapor using this method, letting you cloud chase to your heart’s desire. Normally, the DL method is tried with a sub-ohm tank for the most optimum results.

As the throat hit is more powerful in this method, ex-smokers will find this more satisfying than the MTL. This method also has reduced flexibility and the e-liquid can quickly dry out causing the cotton to burn – which makes it stressful for beginners to practice and enjoy.

So if you are new to vaping, it is recommended that you start with Mouth To Lung Method to fully enjoy the process. But if you are an experienced vaper, you can try to switch to Direct Lung method to quench your nicotine cravings. For finding the right vaping devices and e-liquids, check out the  online vapor store today.



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