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Smoking Vs Vaping – Scientific Reasons To Choose Better And Safer Smoking Means


Smoking is quite an addictive habit which adverse conditions are often overlooked. Recent studies show that more than 30% of men are addicted to cigarette smoking in Turkey. In fact, this brings us to the huge question on what are we doing to choose a safer alternative to cut down on the nicotine content? All we do is turn a deaf ear towards these news reports and believe that this does not bother us.

This is exactly why VAPE SAUDI has come up with an initiative to introduce vapor in SAUDI , more like a vaping system to push people to find an alternative and safer solution compared to traditional smoking means.

This blog post is going to emphasize various reasons which prove that vaping is a better smoking means than other traditional smoking methods. One of the reasons why vaping has not gained popularity is due to a lack of awareness. Vaping is a new smoking method which has been introduced only a couple of years ago. Moreover, since people are so hooked into the traditional means of smoking, they would not want to try an alternative method. This is why it has become essential to creating awareness on online vapor stores that offer a variety of flavors, both mild and strong.

Cigarette smoking is much more dangerous to health as it contains more than 20 chemicals that could cause lung cancer and many heart coronary diseases. On the other hand, vape only contains about six chemicals which are used in the flavoring process. Vaping can certainly prove to be an alternative solution to those people who are highly addictive to traditional means and are slowly adjusting to the alternative means.

Cancer Research UK has reported that vaping has helped people to quit smoking once and for all. Vaping has helped in reducing the number of people suffering from cancer due to smoking. Experts who have researched e-cigarettes claim that most of the people who indulge in vaping are not victims of any cancers which is quite the contrary among cigarette smokers.

Additionally, the different flavors present in the vaping system can certainly act as a stressbuster, probably after a long day of hectic work. Unlike cigarettes, people do not have the urge to smoke frequently, while giving you the same relaxed feel. One of the major reasons for its non-addictive nature is due to the lack of tobacco. Even though it contains nicotine, there are no tobacco traces which is a huge plus point.

If you are planning to find an alternative source of smoking, VAPE SAUDI can help you in fulfilling this wish. We offer a range of starter kits ,Disposable and accessories that can enhance your vaping experience at a very reasonable rate. This could be an investment towards a better future and help you stay away from deadly diseases and medical conditions. You can visit to our online shop to get more information about our goods and services as we offer home delivery facilities as well. Get in touch with us to buy your own premium vape.


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