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Open VS Closed Systems – Find Your Perfect Match

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Vaping is a highly popular alternative to cigarette smoking and is sure to get much bigger in the years to come. Vape enthusiasts often try to understand their vape devices and juices inside out to choose or built custom vape devices for their own needs. It would also help a novice to understand the inner workings of a vape system so they are the liberty to find their perfect vape tank . The technology is just as interesting as the act of vaping itself.

There are many technical aspects with different degrees of difficulty. You will determine your level of comfort once you learn the technology, mixes and the complexity of vaping. Finding the best-suited vape system for your needs is the first lesson you must learn before vaping. So let us try to understand the differences between the two systems and the experiences they will provide. Open Systems Open systems are the ones which can be refilled manually and contains intricate and interchangeable parts. They are bulky with a large battery and tank setup. The tank is the part of the device which makes it easy to use whatever juice you are interested in. As these mod systems are refillable, users have more control over the flavor, strength, and mixture of the e-juice.

The coil inside the device soaks up the juice and heats to disperse the vapor out through the mouthpiece into your lungs. Different tank and coil combinations will give you different experiences as it determines the e-juice intake.

Atomizers are a type of small tanks that need frequent refilling and need a mesh to heat the juice. Cartomizers are devices with slightly larger tank capacity for larger quantities of e-juices and are disposable. They use silica or cotton wicks for burning. Then there are the clearomizers which have a wick that allows the user a longer and smoother vaping effect when soaking up the juice. The clear tank also shows the level of juice in the tank.

Open systems use batteries that are variable or constant voltage types. How the device will work with these batteries depends on the resistance of your atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. This also determines how bulky your device is and how often you need to refill the tank. Mod batteries are normally enclosed and are charged via a micro-USB adapter.

Using an open system will give you certain flexibilities that could be of your advantage. These are – * You can choose your own e-juice flavor and it’s nicotine strength. * You can customize and build your own device by mixing and matching the tanks, wicks, and batteries. Just be cautious of the recommended voltage for your coil. * Open systems are the best when it comes to blowing “fat clouds”, the huge plumes of vapor that fill a room when vaping.

Despite the benefits, you must take note of all the drawbacks of open systems before making the investment. Unless you are into making your own device, open systems can be very complex, with all the adjustments to be done manually. They are also bigger than potentially dangerous with large batteries and glass components. And if you are a novice, open systems can give you a harsh throat hit.

Closed systems As the name suggests, closed systems are not refillable. The heating unit is smaller than a battery component and you will be using disposable cartridge or pods instead of a tank. They can also be charged using a USB dock or cable.

The closed systems typically contain a juice cartridge / pod and the devices are usually smaller in size. To compensate for it’s smaller size, manufacturers offer you a nicotine salt or freebase nicotine option to use as your e-juice. This will easily give you the feeling of smoking a cigarette. The heating unit gives just the right amount of power to heat the pod and no more. The device will not have a button press and instead be simply inhaled to kick the heating element into gear.

The benefits of a closed system are- * Easily disposable * Simple design and compact size * Nicotine Salt can give a smoother experience while vaping

And then again, like two sides of a coin, the closed system also has its drawbacks. Their small size often causes it to get lost easily. They are also expensive as the pods cannot be refilled and must be bought like a pack of cigarettes. Disposable pods also amount to a lot of plastic waste. Due to its sleek design and small size, there are also reports of increased use of the device among teenagers, which is not advisable.

All in all, choosing the vaping system is a personal choice and the experience you are looking for. If you are want to know more and get your starter kit, visit an online vapor store in SAUDI and start your vaping journey.





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