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How To Store Your Vaping Liquids Better? Tips To Help You

Vape Liquid Safekeeping

Vaping is an experience that depends on a lot of factors. But most importantly, e-liquids and their flavors are what makes vaping very enjoyable. Storing your vaping liquid carefully will help keep their flavor and potency better, allowing the user better vaping experience and better vapor production.


So, here are a few tips and tricks to help you store them better.


Keep away from heat

Vapor e-liquids must be stored in a cool dark place always. Whether you are storing for just a while or for longer periods, keeping them away from any source of heat is important. High temperatures can reduce the quality of the e-liquid and easily vaporized it.

Heat also changes the e-liquid flavor compounds turning them flavorless or different from the original flavor. In short, not storing your e-liquid in a cool enough place will leave it unusable.


Keep away from light and air

Light and air are also bad for your e-liquid, as it causes oxidation of the nicotine within it leading to the quality loss. The e-liquid also changes color on exposure to light and air.

Nicotine oxidation produces cotinine which is a metabolite of former. This also causes the flavors to break down leaving the e-liquid unusable. While it is impossible to keep the liquid from oxidizing forever, storing it in a cool dark place can help it last longer.


Do not leave your e-liquid out in the open

E-liquids and salt Nic are normally bought through online vapor stores and are usually left in your mailbox or car for long. As open places tend to heat up in the morning, leaving your e-liquid unattended for long in these locations can destroy the quality of your liquid leaving it as a runny liquid rather than the viscous liquid you need for vaping.


Storing in refrigerator

E-liquids are best stored in a refrigerator. As it is the ultimate cool and dark place you have at home, your e-liquids will be safe inside it. As bacteria are known not to survive in freezing temperatures, this will also keep the liquid free of germs and safe to use.

If you are storing the e-liquid for longer periods, you can even store them in a freezer as the liquid doesn’t freeze and can only turn vicious.


Child and pet safety

It is very important to keep your e-liquids away from the reach of children and pets. Even though there are childproof caps on the container, it doesn’t guarantee any safety. If you have no plan of storing the liquid in a refrigerator, you must consider storing them on a high shelf or away from the reach of your children and pets. Remember that nicotine in the e-liquid is flammable and poisonous if consumed directly.


Other storage tips

For short-term storage, you can store them in a locked drawer or cupboard. If your e-liquid comes in glass containers with an airtight cap, storing them is in drawers is quite OK. But if you happen to buy them in plastic containers, make sure to squeeze out the air inside the container without spilling the liquid to reduce the chances of oxidation. If you are planning to store the liquid for long, try having tinted glass containers to ensure the liquid’s chemical integrity is not lost while storing it.


Vape e-liquids can be stored for a maximum of 2 years if done correctly. Now you can easily restock your favorite e-liquid from the online vapor store in SAUDI .


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